Saing: Myanmar Orchestra

Myanmar orchestra, called as “Saing Waing”, consists of drums, gongs, oboe, clappers, etc. This is considered as more professional, formal and mostly played indoors.

These are :-

  1. circular series of drums (pat-lone)
  2. circular series of gongs (kyay-wai)
  3. gongs (mong-sai)
  4. bamboo clapper (war-let-kote)
  5. oboe/flute (hnae)
  6. timing bells (si)
  7. bamboo (warr)
  8. short drum (si-toe)
  9. cymbals (lin-gwin)
  10. six drum set (chauk-lone-pat)
  11. great drum (pat-ma-gyee)

These 31 drums of various sizes were based on 31 planes of living beings, according to Buddhism.

Myanmar Music Band

Traditional music bands, called “Osi-Doepat”, are more widely found across the nation in almost every village. It is considered as an out-door use, and less skill is required to play these instruments.