Myanmars are famous to be very artistic. They crafted stone, metal, wood, etc. However unlike the Romans, less Myanmars crafted their art on stone. It is very sad that because many are wooden, these treasures could not resist the time.
Here are some samples :

Ten Myanmar Fine Arts
There are 10 most common categories of Myanmar arts and crafts. Those 10 categories are:

Pa-dein: the art of goldsmithing or silversmithing

Pa-din: the art of making items cast or wrought from bronze, copper, or brass

Pa-pu: the art of carving wood or ivory

Pa-bae: the art of blacksmithing

Pa-put: the craft of a turner; turnery

Pan-tot: the art of making decorative work in relief with sttucco

Pa-chi: the art of painting

Pan-yun: the art of making lacquare

Pan-ta-mot: the art of making stone sculptures

Pa-yan: the craft of a mason

Other Categories

There are a few other types of arts, which are not widely-known:

Pan-ywe: the art of lapidary

Pan-ei: the art of tracery of floral work in wood or ivory sculpture