Terms Related to Myanmar

However we changed the name of the country, some terms are so deeply and widely established in various fields studies.

We intend to have this page, because we felt very bad when some people do not even know that “Burmese cats” orginated from a country formerly called “” and when they admit that they only knew Burmese cats, but not our country “Myanmar”, “” nor “Burmese people”.

  • Burmese cat: Cat lovers throughout the world knows what a “Burmese cat” is like. In Zoology books and papers have described this type of cat as “Burmese cat” ever since and they are not willing to change the name. Burmese cats are known to be the most friendly type of cat known to men and cat-lovers always want to have a Burmese cat. Have you ever seen one?
  • Burmese foo dogs
  • Burmese pythons: If you have visited some pet stores, you can often find “Burmese           pythons”. They are also well known.
  • Burmese honeysuckle: ornamental shrubs and climbers of the genus Lonicera
  • Burmese padauk (a) padauk: very fine Burmese rosewood
  • Burmese lacquer tree: biological name “Gluta usitata”
  • Burmese Proverbs: some of them are pretty well-known..
  • Shave: Once a large multi-national corporation which sells shaving materials.