Myanmar versus

The Meaning Itself

Almost every syllable has a meaning in Myanmar language, similar to most east Asian languages. “Myan” means quick or fast, and “mar” means hard, tough, or strong. However many researchers do not believe it was actually named for this meaning.

Changing of the Name

We call the country ‘Myanmar’ in our language ever since we got independence, eventhough early British who came to our country called us ” centuries ago. SLORC changed the country’s name officially to ‘Myanmar’ to synchronize with how we call in our language in 1989.

According to History

I still have not found how the earliest European explorer to Asia, Marco Polo, called us in his writings. According to old European records, the usage varies: bermah, berma, birma, h, etc.

Myanmar vs.

Some people still argue the usage of whether ‘Myanmar’ or ”. But what difference does it make? It’s all the same. (Just like Japan is called by outsiders as ‘Japan’, while the Japanese do called themselves as ‘Nihon’.)

We don’t do any politics here. This is just a cultural page! So don’t bulk me with flame emails, arguing Myanmar or .

Who else changed the name?

Here are some countries:

• ‘Siam’ —– changed to —– ‘Thailand’
•’Thailand’ —– changed to —– ‘Siam’
• ‘Siam’ —– changed to —– ‘Thailand’ again!
• ‘Ivory Coast’ —– changed to —– ‘Burkina Faso’
• ‘Cambodia’ —– changed to —– ‘Campuchia’
• then back to —– ‘Cambodia’

Here are some cities:

• ‘Peking’ —– changed to —– ‘Beijing’
• ‘Bombay’ —– changed to —– ‘Mombai’
• ‘Saigon’ —– changed to —– ‘Hoh Chi Minh’
• ‘?’ —– changed to —– ‘?’

Yes, we Asians has got name-changing syndrome! =)