Internet Access in Myanmar

Is internet accessible from Myanmar? Any ISP in Myanmar?

Concerning Myanmar’s information technology industry, this could be one of the hottest FAQ today. Yes, it is. Why? Many foreign investors, businessmen, entrepreneurs, and people of Myanmar origin who still have relatives or friends in Myanmar, often email us asking this question almost everyday. Here at this page, we would like to answer them all.


Intranet or otherwise known as Myanmar Intranet was launched on 2001, May 18. Beside Members at Bagan Cybertech, MPT mail users can view the local Intranet. Myanmar Intranet can also be accessed by Internet users abroad.

There are four types that we can use:

• Member A – You can use FTP Service, Intranet Service, and dial-up web access (web    browsing). You can request sites that you want to see. There’s something like Member A list,  and those are the requested web sites, open for Member A users. You can use this service  from home or office.
• Member B – The services provided are the same as Member A, but you have to use it at the   main office of Bagan Cybertech. FTP service is not provided.
• Member C – Provides FTP service only.
• Member E – Provides Intranet Service only.

Myanmar ICT Park

Myanmar Information and Communication Technology Park is being built at Hlaing University Campus, Yangon. Leaded by MCSA (Myanmar Computer Scientists Association), and supported by 32 companies, MICT Park is the first and only ICT Park in Myanmar.

Their aim is to raise professional software developers, and to develop qualified computer softwares to be distributed abroad.

Companies who has shares in the park will get advantages of using MPT’s Internet, E-mail and Telephones. They will use Digital Subscriber Line for network connections, speeding up 16 times (1 MB/sec) than the current dial up system.

MICT Park was opened on January 21, 2002

Bagan Teleport

Bagan Cybertech is also building Bagan Teleport which will contain the infrastructure for using the biggest wireless network in Myanmar. VSAT Network (Very Small Aperture Terminal) uses TDMA technology (Time Division Multiple Access) which is the latest satellite communications.

50 terminals in Yangon will be using VSAT Network and up to 180 to 200 terminals can be used in the whole system. A VSAT unit is US$ 20,000 and the monthly fee is US $ 250. Using this network, we can create:

• Enterprise networks for multimedia applications
• Banking Networks
• E-education and Distance Learning
• Telemedicine
• Government and ministerial networks
• Video Conferening
• Rural Telephony and Communications to remote areas
• Broadband Intranet and Internet Access
• Internet Gateway and Backbone services
• Backbone for cellular mobile networks
• Alternative International Gateway
• Digital Broadcasting Services
• Regional and Global Corporate Networks

Wireless services from Bagan Teleport are:

Point-to-Point Communication
Point to multipoint wireless networks
Broadband wireless Intranet and Internet access.

The following services can be also provided:

• Internet and Intranet Service provision
• Co-location and Data warehousing
• VoIP services (Voice Over IP)
• Web hosting and content Packaging
• Internet Exchange and Gateway services
• IP Billing Services

Using VoIP service calling PC to Phone will be cheaper than using IDD lines. Here is the comparison:


IDD Call (US $/min) PC to Ph Call
Thai 1.40 0.25
Malaysia 1.75 0.11
Singapore 1.75 0.07
Hong Kong 1.75 0.06
China 2.25 0.18
Japan 2.70 0.08
U.K 3.20 0.05
Australia 3.20 0.05
USA 4.50 0.029

210 Terminal Station will be built in major cities of States and Divisions. Yangon Division alone will have 50 terminal stations.

The two satellites in Bagan Teleport have 4.5 m, and they will use ThaiCom 2 satellite to provide VSAT service for the whole nation.

Bagan Teleport was also opened on Janaury 21, 2002 along with MICT Park.