National Flag

Official Flags of the Past


The big star was meant for the Union, and 5 smaller stars were for 5 states.

This is the first flag of the independent modern (Myanmar), which was proudly first hoisted at 4:25am, 4th January 1948!


Anti-Facist Revolutionary Flag


Japanese flag


Very similar to the previous. The only difference is the feathers of the peacock is redrawn in geometrical diamond-shape patterns.


Do-Bamar Assiayone flag (We-ns Association flag), as well as Myanmar’s national flag after Japan invasion.

1939 British Ensign

In the diarchy paliament of February 1939, the Governor of officialized this ensign just like other British dominion states. The insignia of the Myanmars, the dancing peacock on that flag was taken from King Mindon’s 1-kyat silver coin.


British East India Coat of Arms

This insignia represents the armed division of the British East India Company, which invaded Myanmar.


British Unionjack flag


Thu Ye Gyee flag (Hero’s flag)

This could be the first military flag of the Myanmars. It is not a rectangular flag. A yellow circle on red, and 3 pointed strips to the edge. Original size was 6’x14′.

The yellow circle represents the sun, and 7 animals in 7 colors for the 7 most powerful animails of the universe. Thoese are:

  1. monkey (in gold)
  2. galone (in white)
  3. beloo (ogre) (in yellow)
  4. peacock (in black)
  5. lion (in green)
  6. elephant  (in red)
  7. dragon (in light color)


Kongbaung Dynasty Flag

The earliest records shows that this flag was hoisted in Yangon when Myanmar King bought Yangon back from the British for 10 million kyats in silver coins (360,000 pounds or 163,293.25 kg of silver). This flag was also hoisted on top of the Myanmar ship when minister U Kaung (Kinwun Mingyee) went to Britain during 1800s.

It has a white background, with a red peacock biting a branch of flowers. Hoisted with a golden tip at the top of the pole. This original flag was defined as 18 feet high and 27 feet wide.


The early Mons hoisted this flag of golden Hinthar on a green background.

Before 1300

  • We are not sure whether Myanmar authorities used a wooden or metal symbol, as their insignia, hoisted in the air like Romans did.
  • But it is clear that Myanmars had a national flag much earlier than the Europeans, as national flags are introduced to Europe only after 1500s.

Organizational Flags


State/Divisional Flags

  • kachin
  • kayah
  • kayin
  • chin
  • mon
  • shan
  • yangon
  • bago
  • mandalay
  • tanintharyee
  • ayeyarwaddy
  • magway
  • sagaing